The modern housing estates

Our first walking event in 2020 will be on two wheels: we’ll ride our bikes and visit three modernist housing estates in the north of Berlin: the Siemensstadt Großsiedlung, the Schillerpark Siedlung, and the Weiße Stadt.

Part of the six UNESCO-awarded housing estates in Berlin, they were built between 1913 and 1934. Architects of classical modernism, in particular Bruno Taut, Hans Scharoun, and Walter Gropius responded to the housing shortage after the First World War at the highest architectural level: modern, affordable apartments with kitchens, bathrooms, and balconies, in houses without a backyard and side wings, but with light, air and sun. The high-quality architecture, the design language, the floor plans, and the urban figures of the settlements became the model for the 20th century.

We are planning a relaxed and fun Saturday, with stops for food and coffee along the way. This is our proposed schedule:

10:00 Meet at U-Bhf. Siemensdamm
10:15 Visit Siemenstadt Großsiedlung
12:00 Ride to Siedlung Schillerpark with a stop for lunch on the way (location TBD)
13:00 Visit Siedlung Schillerpark
14:00 Visit Weiße Stadt
15:00 Coffee/Beers

We’ll post more details soon! In the meantime, get your bikes ready to explore some Modernist architecture :)