Remote Work in Architecture

The current crisis is forcing architects all over the world to work remotely for the first time.

And we want to know how it is working.

What part of our jobs work and don't work in a remote setting? What tools are people using to get the work done? What are the best advantages of working from home? What are the biggest issues?

And, of course, the biggest question: will remote working finally find a place in our profession?

To help answer these questions, we recently launched, a platform for architects to share their stories and experiences working from home. So far, people from almost 80 companies in 57 cities around the world already contributes, but we want to know more.

In this series of events, we'll talk with architects working from home and ask them all these questions and more.


For this edition, we'll be talking to:

They will tell us how work's been going for the past weeks working from home.