Members Talk

Do you have a project, a blog, or even a life experience about architecture that you would like to share?

Along our path as architects, we create visions, change landscapes, mirror the spirit of times... One could say that behind every building or the smallest detail there’s a story to tell.

Perhaps you’ve been abroad, want to write a book, or talk about your latest Revit script? On our upcoming Meetup series „BAN Talks“ the time has come to stand up and share your own story!

Let us show the world that architecture is not dead. On the contrary, it’s well alive and ready to speak out! ;-)

In order to have an overview of the content of our next Meetup session, I ask those who feel compelled, to post a comment with the theme of their stories.

Whether if you‘re a good listener or a charismatic storyteller, you're all invited to come!