Master Your Portfolio

You may well know as an architect how painful the process of finding a job can be. In most cases, the decision on whether or not to invite someone to an interview is made within the first seconds of looking at a portfolio. The thing about it is, once you do it right, you will thrive!

On our next Meetup we would love to help you redesign your architecture portfolio. We'll start by giving you a 101 introduction, showing you a case study, and then applying the core principles by adjusting your portfolio live on screen.

If you’re interested in improving your portfolio according to the best architecture practices and get feedback from other members, send it to as a PDF file until the 28th of June.

We can also do it anonymously, in case you prefer. We are really excited to support you on this, so if you have any further questions let us know!

Our goal is for you to increase the chances of being interviewed.

Come along if you find yourself at the moment searching for a job or just interested in sharing your experience as an architect recruiter.