Fast Architecture

Have you ever asked yourself: Why do architects work so many extra hours?

One could say that with the introduction of the internet, communication has never been so fast and easy. In today’s society, where growth and profit are above quality the ultimate goal, the schedule planning of projects has been according to this evolution drastically reduced.

Fast food, fast fashion, fast architecture?

Is it possible for us to adapt to the speed of our society without compromising the quality of your projects?

It is a fact, that as architects we have to deal on a daily basis with the pressure of fast driven architecture. The question is... how should we deal with it?

1. Should we continue to make extra hours in order to compensate for the lack of time?

How many nights have you spent at the office because of a project deadline?

2. Should we start a “slow architecture” movement - pay more for better-planned architecture?

Are clients willing to pay more for better architectural design? Why is it worth it?

3. Should we rethink the business models of architecture offices in order to be faster?

Is there anything in our working routines, that in your opinion, could be improved? Does the introduction of BIM really make us work more efficiently? Or is it the way we communicate with each other, working methods, and design processes that should be rethought in order to keep up with the world’s new pace?

Join us on our next Meetup to share your own experience or ideas about this exciting and often overlooked subject! :-)