Drawing The City

On our next event, let’s meet at the Berlinische Galerie to visit the exhibition “Drawing the City: Paper-Based Works from 1945 to the Present.”

"Berlin has been drawn by its history, by triumphs and fiascos, by feudalism, pragmatism, liberalism, democracies, and dictatorships. It has also been drawn and painted by many artists. The Berlinische Galerie holds one of the biggest and most significant collections of art about the city of Berlin. A special selection will go on display from 7 August, in many cases for the first time. More than 175 works by 22 women and 47 men will be on show: mostly drawings in all formats from big to small, much in color, much in black-and-white, in very different techniques and in a variegated bouquet of representational art, photorealism, surrealism, late Expressionism, abstract styles, illustrations, and comics."

You can find more details about it here.

We'll meet in front of the Berlinische Galerie, check out the exhibition, and sit down for a little coffee afterwards.

Please, keep in mind you need to pay an entrance fee at the Galerie.

(many thanks to Cherry Tuen, for the tip!)