Bauhaus 100

We are doing our first BAN Trip to Dessau. This old, quaint little town in Saxony-Anhalt was home to one of the biggest movements in the 20th Century: the Bauhaus. Under the direction of Water Gropius, followed by Hannes Meyer and Mies van der Rohe, it revolutionized not only architecture but also arts, design, literature, and many other fields. It brought modernism to the foreground and transformed design education throughout the world.

This year, Bauhaus is commemorating its centenary. For that, buildings were renovated and exhibitions were set up, which makes it a perfect opportunity for a trip to Dessau to check it all out.

This is the proposed transportation schedule:

9:07 (arrival 10:53) Alexanderplatz to Dessau Hbf
17:05 (arrival 18:54) Dessau Hbf to Alexanderplatz

Depending on the number of attendees, we can buy Brandenburger Tickets; it costs 29EUR but allows for up to five people to travel both ways. For that, we should meet about half an hour before the scheduled time.

At the Bauhaus, we can either get tickets and tours individually or organize ourselves in groups. However, keep in mind that Sunday tours are only in German!

Some days before the event, after we have an idea of how many people are interested, we will contact you again for further organization.

Hope you can come!