Architectural Vision Board

On our next Meetup Session, you’re all invited to build an architectural vision board.

Vision boards are tools that allow people to visualize their dreams and set their goals for the future.

What do we, as architects, want to achieve in the next 100 years?

In order to formulate an idealized vision of the architectural future, we first need to identify our wishes and desires. On our vision board, these will be arranged according to the following 5 sectors: Construction, Technology, Marketing, Workplace, and Design.

1. Construction
How do we want buildings to be built in the future?
3D Printing, new Materials, Construction Site Live Scanning

2. Technology
Can we use technology for our profit?
BIM, Programming, Generative Design

3. Marketing
How should architecture be merchandised and presented?
As Art, as a Brand? AR VR Playrooms

4. Workplace
What should be the ideal office strategy?
Business models, mobile workplace, fair salaries

5. Design
How will buildings aesthetically look like in 100 years?
responsive components, algorithmic architecture

The next step will consist of collecting visualization mediums such as photographs, sentences, quotes, or drawings that mirror our architectural ambitions. The sources are up to us, it could be Pinterest, Websites, Magazines, Books, Music, Objects...

You can participate by uploading your visualization medium - named after “sector_name.jpg” - directly to our meetup web page under photo album "Vision Board". Short before the meetup date, we’ll put all the images together according to each sector and post a preview of the board.

An architectural vision board acts as a powerful motivator to enact on achieving our goals and to be more conscious about the direction that we want to pursue as architects on a long term future. This will be the starting point of our architectural debate.

Join us on the upcoming Meetup Session to share your own experience or ideas about the future of the architecture world! :-)