It is a well-known fact that due to agriculture activity, industrial logging, as well as building human settlement, the land has, throughout the history of mankind, been successively and permanently converted for human use.

One result of intensive human exploration of land and natural resources is the following habitat destruction and its brutal impact on our planet's biodiversity. This is not only the main driver of species extinction but a threat to ecosystems, upon which we as human beings are ultimately dependable.

Increasing awareness around this topic has led to a new architectural challenge. Can we as architects contribute to a better balance between animal life and people in urban contexts?

"The Animalesque Visiting School is aiming to understand and experience the Animal Kingdom in the urban and cultural space of Berlin.

In order to understand how people and animals co-habit, we will investigate the collective behaviors of a wide range of animals from insects, birds and mammals, their patterns of displacement and territorial domains in the city." -

On our upcoming Meetup, we will have the opportunity to discuss this exciting subject at Cafe Aedes and see onsite the results of a design experiment throughout the work of students regarding the behavior of bees.

If you want to get to know more about this new architectural trend, come along!